Hernando de Magallanes, 570, Punta Arenas, Chile

Phone +56 612 228616

Whatsapp +56 9 7899 6384

How to get to our place

From the Airport

There are 2 possibilities to get from the airport to the city center:

  1.  Taxis take you directly to our Bed & Breakfast for 10,000 Chilean Pesos (about USD 15.-) – that’s per taxi, not per person.
  2.  There’s a shuttle service that operates with mini buses/ vans: Transfer Austral. For CLP 5,000 per person (about USD 8.-) they take you directly to our doorstep, too.

Please consider the following:

The shuttle service drops off everybody at their distinguished places – not only international travelers, but also locals, of course. In some occasions they may live widely spread out all over the city (Punta Arenas has about 125,000 inhabitants). A free city tour, you may think! Woohooo!!! … BUT, we have had a few guests where this has been taking up to almost 2 hours, if you’re the one that’s being dropped off last… Hence, this may not be the right choice for everyone – especially in exchange to the 20min taxi ride from the airport to our hostel. Especially for late arrivals we therefore highly recommend taking a taxi.

In any case, give the driver our address: “Magallanes 570”, and they will easily find us. Keep that in mind, since there is another hostel in Punta Arenas with a quite similar name and to avoid misunderstandings.

Driving Directions

We are in Punta Arenas downtown.

Ask the locals about the “Unimarc Centro” supermarket. The street, where the parking lot of the supermarket is at, is called “Magallanes”. It’s a one way street. Follow the direction of the traffic. Our Bed & Breakfast is on the next block on the left side of the street: Magallanes 570. There is a sign indicating “Turismo Aonikenk/ Hospedaje Magallanes”.

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