Discounted Prices for Foreign Travelers

All prices above are discounted prices for foreign travelers, who are not residents in Chile. Everyone with residency in Chile (no matter your nationality) must add 19% VAT to the prices above.

We are legally obliged to prove that you apply for this discount and for that reason, will make a copy of your passport and your tourist card (the little piece of paper you fill out, when you enter the country). You will have to show us both during check-in – or, add 19% VAT to the price. No exceptions!


You may simply pay when you are here in Punta Arenas. We don’t need any prepayment.

Why? We simply trust you to honor your reservation just as much as you trust us to hold the room(s)/ bed(s) for you that you are about to reserve. Isn’t that awesome?! 😉 This may seem old school, but -quite frankly- we don’t necessarily care too much, and -on the other hand- this has been working just fine for the last 16 years, so, we don’t see any real reason to change this.

Nevertheless, payment in cash “only”, please. You may pay in Chilean Pesos, US Dollars or Euros – or any mix of these currencies, according to the daily exchange rate. No credit cards!

Cancellation Policy

We like to be as flexible as we can. You can cancel your reservation and/ or change it to a later date and/ or modify the number of nights you booked (this refers especially to your date of arrival) free of charge up to 2 days prior to your arrival date. If, for any reason, you cancel within 48 hours of the arrival time you send us or if you do not honor your reservation (no show), you grant us permission to charge you for the total amount of your first night’s reservation.

We truly believe this is a pretty fair deal – for us, and also for you. If you don’t agree with this -no worries- you won’t hurt our feelings. Please remember that nobody obliges you to book anything up front. You may always come to town, check out our place, decide if you like it and see if we still have some space. It’s all super easy!


10% Discount, if you are from Sebastian’s home town Leipzig.
… well, before you go straightaway to Leipzig, do not forget to come to Patagonia first !!! 😉